Monday, June 5, 2017

Bring photos from Photos app or other apps to OneEdit app

There is a convenient way to bring photos from Photos app to OneEdit app:

  1. Open Photos app 
  2. Tap "Select" button 
  3. Select photos 
  4. Tap action icon
  5. Tap OneEdit icon (If you cannot see OneEdit icon, tap "More" button to turn on "Share to OneEdit") 
  6. Open OneEdit app 
  7. Tap + button and then select "Resource Library" 
  8. Select photos and finally tap "Done" button 

The above method can be applied to all other apps that support action extension.

1 comment:

  1. ����  UPDATED :  Tiger!  bUGS!!  ����  

    v2.8 Update : June  7, & 19, 2017

    1.) *always* HANGS/CRASHES on Camera Roll Import!  

    2.) When using "Resource" function:

    a.) the selection ordering from the image window  isn't   respected; after selecting is complete, I have to *manually* re-order the files in the main "Edit".

    b.) even after deleting the images, in-app, the "Resource" function's cache NEVER gets cleared out and a full app delete  and re-install is required to fix it and get the App's footprint back to normal again. It was sucking over 1G of HD space before I noticed.

    �� specs: iPad Pro, iOS 10.3.1 (47,000+ images in Camera  Roll); permissions granted in iPad's Settings

    Please fix this, and quick, Tiger. I knew I relied on One Edit Pro, daily...but without it, I'm almost at a standstill.