1. Why can't I select photos from OneEdit ?

Answer: Since new iOS API (over 4.0) needs permission to access your photo library, it will prompt location warnings when OneEdit is trying to enumerate the photo albums in photo library.

Please turn on Location Services and accept location warnings dialog box when it prompts. You can refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1975.

If you accidentally denied the location warning, you can reset it by using Settings app. You can choose "General", then "Reset", and tap "Reset Location Warnings" finally.


2. After I synchronize photos to Photo Library (default photos app), why can't I see new photos in photo selector ?

Answer: When you have opened OneEdit already (exists in multi-tasking bar), photo selector may not get the updates. Please restart OneEdit app in multi-tasking bar by double tapping home screen.

3. Why can't I connect to your FTP server ?

Answer: The common problem is the path which must be full path. And username, password, or path should be case-sensitive. You can try to use browser to connect to your ftp server (type ftp://<FTP Server>) to browse folders to identify the full path in location bar. If you still cannot connect to your FTP server, please email us and we will provide FTP Server for your testing.