Friday, January 3, 2014

OneEdit Pro v2.2

OneEdit Pro v2.2 is released.

Here are new features:

1. Add text with any image properties from EXIF

2. Add text with original filename

3. Delete items in the output

4. Edit original file name before executing task

5. Update Google Drive SDK

6. Show QR Code for sharing to device

7. Fix the screen bug when using external keyboard

8. Show thumbnails when selecting files from Dropbox & Google Drive

9. Paste from clipboard directly if there is only one item

10. Add album description when uploading to Facebook

11. Optimized for iOS 7


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  2. Hi.
    I have some question.
    I use oneedit pro 2.2 with iphone 5s 7.1.1.
    I found a bug this version.

    Let's try, as shown below

    (1) Take a photo from camera roll. Generally the more good low-light photos.
    (2) Try any Tasks. For example, resize or Add Text and more..
    (3) You save output photo to camera roll.
    (4) Terminate the app and move to camera roll to your iphone.
    (5) Please see your output photo by zoom.
    (6) Maybe you can find some noise (looks like some vertical line) from output photo by oneedit pro.

    So, Here is another bug.

    (1) Take a photo without some EXIF value from camera roll .
    (2) Try Add text with any image properties from EXIF.
    (3) The original photo has not some EXIF value (for example the photo has all has EXIF value but "Software" is blank. Some Photo App in appstore has all EXIF but some EXIF value is blank.)
    (4) And if you try execute, oneedit pro is crash.
    (5) in this case, If oneedit pro missing values ​​automatically exif "null" if such treatment I hope.

    Finally, I wish one more.
    Some EXIF value is very long.
    For example, Shutter Speed Value is 3.9112...Exposure Time 0.066666666 ....etc
    Concise treatment of these values ​​I wish I could.
    For example, Shutter Speed Value is "1/15" etc..

    Looking forward to updates.