Sunday, March 20, 2011

OneEdit for iPad & iPhone v1.5 Released

OneEdit for iPad & iPhone v1.5 is released.

Here are new features:

1. Upload photos to Picasa

2. Add symbol (e.g. ©) for text

3. Batch update title's prefix and description

4. Edit title and description before uploading to Facebook and Flickr

5. Save FTP settings

6. Text background color and border can be changed

7. Image's metadata can be kept when skipping editing tasks (for JPG format)

8. Import photos from Dropbox

9. Merge output images into PDF

10. Merge output images into Montage (Grid, Vertical, Horizontal)

11. Enlarge and view original images


  1. I have downloaded version 1.2 one of the main reasons I bought OneEdit was to batch edit the BSH levels. But, unfortunately, “Color Effects” is not working in version 1.2.

    My device- iPad2
    Version - iOS 4.1.3

  2. Sorry. Version 1.4 was what I bought.